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Sarah Breitlander, Krain Costa Rica

SARAH BREITLANDER | Owner | Broker | Attorney

Areas Serviced : Tamarindo | Flamingo |  Reserva Conchal | Potrero 

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Sarah Breitlander is Co-Owner and Co-Broker of KRAIN Luxury Real Estate. Before moving to Costa Rica, Sarah spent a decade as a successful commercial litigation attorney at one of the top law firms in Chicago, Illinois.  Among her achievements was being named one of Chicago’s top “40 Under 40” Illinois attorneys to watch in 2012; working for both a Federal District Judge and an Illinois Supreme Court Justice; and being named, for five consecutive years, an Illinois “Rising Star” by her peers in Super Lawyers Magazine, a distinction reserved for the top 2.5% of Illinois lawyers who are under 40.


Despite all of her professional success, Sarah felt that something was missing.  The work load, long hours, and stress of her career had negatively affected her quality of life.   In 2013, her husband, Peter, convinced her that she should take the chance—just one chance—to move out of her comfort zone and see if she could find success in having a business of her own along the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.  


In Costa Rica, Sarah found the perfect place to enjoy her life, raise a family, and appreciate every day.   Her career as an owner/broker of KRAIN gives her extreme satisfaction because she has the privilege of helping others find their place in paradise.  As Sarah says, “My new job allows me to help others add to their quality of life, and add to the quality of life of their loved ones.  What can be better than that?”  


Shortly after founding KRAIN Luxury Real Estate in 2013, Sarah co-founded KRAIN Property Management and Vacation Rentals, which has quickly become one of the premier property management and vacation rental companies in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.  


Sarah and her team not only assist clients in purchasing homes in Costa Rica, but they also help with anything clients need in order to ensure a peaceful transition into Costa Rica life.  She and her team support clients by counseling on any new laws that affect clients; helping clients open Costa Rican bank accounts; introducing clients to all of the appropriate legal, accounting, and tax professionals; and assisting (if needed) in the management of the home and the paying of property taxes and utility bills. 


Sarah and Peter live on Potrero Beach with their two young daughters.  As Sarah states, “We are truly blessed to raise a family here in paradise.” They are passionate about their community and give back to the through the Kaiser Breitlander Memorial Fund, which sponsors local under privileged kids, providing them with a bilingual education at the Paz Community School.  Click here for help support their cause:


If you’re looking to work with a team with passion, excitement and a commitment to excellence, you’ll definitely want to get in touch with Sarah and her husband Peter, who work together as the BREITLANDER TEAM.

Peter Breitlander, Krain Costa Rica

PETER BREITLANDER | Owner | Managing Broker

Areas Serviced : Tamarindo | Flamingo |  Reserva Conchal | Potrero 

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Peter Breitlander is a U.S. accredited real estate broker and co-founder of the highly successful brokerage KRAIN Corporation in Chicago.  In 2000, Peter began his career working for an internationally-recognized real estate brokerage. It wasn’t long before he rose to become one of the brokerage’s top-producing agents.

Fast-forward to 2005, when Peter became a co-founder of KRAIN Corporation (a/k/a KRAIN Chicago), a highly successful boutique real estate brokerage specializing in luxury homes. He and a team of over 40 agents handled thousands of successful transactions, some of which were very high-profile.

Always one with a finger on the pulse of the global market, Peter began to sense that the Costa Rica real estate market was heating up. Recognizing a need for professional services to accommodate this sudden growth, he expanded his company’s reach to include KRAIN Costa Rica.

Your Source for “All Things Real Estate”

When it comes to real estate buying and selling, you could say that Peter is a one-stop shop. With over 18 years in the market, Peter offers solid expertise in “all things real estate,” including buying and selling residential properties, property development, construction, and real-estate investment.

Peter’s commitment to excellence is bar none. When he says he will go above and beyond for clients, he means it. His number one priority with every transaction is to ensure clients achieve their real estate goals while maximizing profit and minimizing risk.

Peter is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the La Cámara de Corredores de Bienes Raíces (CCCBR).  Pete has his GRI Certification from the Graduate of Real Estate Institute and his Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation.

If you want to work with an agent who gets things done and is focused on helping clients reach financial goals, get in touch with Peter today. Peter and his wife Sarah work together as the BREITLANDER TEAM.


Jeff Goode, Krain Costa Rica

JEFF GOODE | Broker Associate

Areas Serviced: Ocotal | Playa Hermosa | Playas del Coco | Flamingo | Playa Potrero

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Office Phone: 011 (506) 2654-4010
US Line: 312-888-5558
Cell Phone: 011 (506) 8411-5347

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Meet Jeff Goode

Jeff is a seasoned real estate agent and broker with over 15 years of experience in Alabama, Chicago, New York, and internationally in Costa Rica. With more than 10 years of Sales, Project Management, Building, and Information Technology expertise, Jeff helps clients understand the current state of a property as well as its future potential.

Jeff specializes in commercial development. Over his career, he has been involved in the complete sales cycle of everything from small marketable complexes to multi-faceted mixed-used projects such as hotels, condominiums, live/workspace, and luxury home sites.

While Jeff has focused on the sales-side of commercial properties, he has been involved in all stages from the development to financial strategy of sell-through to maximize financial gain. If you’re looking for an agent with the skills and expertise to manage commercial projects from inception to completion, Jeff is your guy.

A Born Leader with a Passion for Helping Others Realize Their Financial Goals Through the years, Jeff has held various leadership positions within organizations such as Executive Board Member of the National Hills Homeowners Association in Augusta, GA., The USA Rugby South Executive Board, the Rocket City Dart Association Executive Board, and the Roll Tide Chicago Executive Board, University of Alabama's alumni association in the greater Chicago area.

As a veteran of Desert Storm and a double Purple Heart recipient, Jeff is not one to find a real estate challenge all that challenging. Instead, he uses his training, focus, and determination to get his clients the absolute best deal possible.

With his fine attention to detail, natural business savvy and unwavering integrity, Jeff have become the preferred agent with Live and Invest Overseas; an international provider of investors, contacts, and international properties.

If you’re looking for an agent with an exceptional professional background and ability to see projects through to the end, contact Jeff today.

KLEIN & SCHMIEDGE TEAM | Broker Associates

Areas Serviced: Playa Potrero | Flamingo | Playa Grande

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Jane: 011 (506) 8844-2577
Dennis: 011 (506) 8701-8697

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Jane Klein can be called many wonderful things, but a true “people person” would probably top the list. With a background in communications, construction, and music publishing, interacting with all kinds of people for the past 30 years has helped Jane be able to easily connect with a diverse range of clients.

A native of Florida, Jane began her professional life in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida working in Communications and Broadcasting for the PGA Golf Tour. But, while her career was exciting, she always had a passion for real estate thanks to her family’s brokerage firm.

Jane eventually left the broadcasting world to begin managing the sales and rentals for Universal Environmental Control, a construction development company responsible for building over twenty apartment buildings, as well as the first high-rise condo in the area.

Always up for a challenge, Jane eventually decided to make another career change and became a founding partner in Roadshow Music Corp., a music publishing and production company in the Orlando, Florida area, which was fast becoming the new entertainment center of the south. As the person mainly responsible for managing artists and legal affairs, as well as licensing, Jane soon made many contacts all over the world.

Find Your Dream Life in the Tropics

With the introduction of the Internet, Jane was able to realize a dream of hers. After many trips to Guanacaste throughout the years, she had fallen in love with Costa Rica and decided to make the big move 20 years ago. Working online, she was able to combine her life here with her business ties in Los Angeles, New York, and Florida. And, with the airport in Liberia being so close, travel was a breeze.

Jane soon found herself dipping back into her old passion for real estate when she found herself locating properties in Costa Rica for her many friends and associates she’d met around the world who also wanted to invest in what she calls “The Dream Life of the Tropics.”

If you would also like to invest in your own dream life here in a tropical paradise, get in touch with Jane. She has held a Florida Real Estate License since 1976, participates in all continuing education for that licensure,  Jane’s people skills and many years of experience make her one of KRAIN’s most popular agents.


Dennis comes to Costa Rica via Saskatchewan, Canada where he was born and raised. After 30 years of living and working in Alberta, Dennis packed up his motorhome, said goodbye to the snowy north once and for all, and drove all the way from Edmonton, Alberta to Playa Potrero!

To say Dennis brings an incredible background to KRAIN is truly an understatement. He started his career as a Canadian Master Electrician and held an Alberta Electrical Masters Certificate as well as an Alberta and Interprovincial Electrical "Red Seal.”

Dennis spent over 30 years working in the oil industry in Canada contracting to such companies as Esso, Shell, and BP Amoco, both as a contractor and in management positions. He also spent 16 months in Iraq on contract with the U.S. Government and received the ”82nd Airborne Brigade Support Battalion Award for Outstanding Service” for his work in establishing an Aid Station at FOB Hammer to ensure the safety of civilians and soldiers serving there.

Find Your Place in the Sun

Dennis loves sharing his extensive professional knowledge and passion for real estate and life in paradise with his clients. As the former co-owner of Surfside Properties, a local agency that dealt in real estate sales and property management, as well as the owner of Schmiedge Electric and Home Improvement Company, Dennis helps both buyers and sellers prepare for home inspections and valuate properties.

Dennis believes that everyone should be able to avoid shoveling snow and find their “place in the sun.” He also believes in going above and beyond for clients to help make their dreams a reality.

If you would like to work with a realtor with a wealth of experience, integrity, and a commitment to excellent customer service, then please get in touch with Dennis today.

Hickey Team, Krain Costa Rica

HICKEY TEAM | Broker Associates

Areas Serviced: Tamarindo | Reserva Conchal | Flamingo | Potrero 

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Ryan : 011 (506) 8829-8983
Chrissy : 011 (506) 8426-7380


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Meet Ryan & Chrissy | HICKEY TEAM

Having now lived in Costa Rica for 2 years with their 3 young children, Ryan and Chrissy would be delighted to share their experiences and help guide you to your Costa Rican dream.
Ryan was raised in Alberta Canada and eventually migrated west to Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife Christine (Chrissy) to be close to the ocean and moderate temperatures of the west coast. 
Ryan has always had a passion for real estate and has been buying and selling properties for almost 20 years. Starting off small, remodeling distressed condos for resale. Ryan then expanded into the Project Management role converting older apartment buildings into modern individually titled condo units. His renovation company was established in 2006 and operated successfully until he and his young family decided to move to Costa Rica. The hands-on experience renovating and following real estate trends were invaluable in recognizing the hidden potential of distressed properties and just as important those that would never return a profit.  
Over the years Ryan expanded into commercial real estate by owning and operating apartment buildings and formed a Property investment company in 2007. Managing real property has been a huge asset in developing and understanding the challenges and benefits associated with carrying rental properties. 
Having bought and sold dozens of properties as an independent, Ryan decided to become a licensed realtor in Vancouver British Columbia. He completed the University of British Columbia’s and Real Estate Council of BC’s Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course. Ryan and his partner and wife Chrissy have successfully remodeled and sold many properties from 1 bedroom condos to multi-million dollar single-family homes. Being honest, and loyal to those you work with and being involved from the beginning has always been the key to success. From identifying unique opportunities, permitting, construction, design, staging and eventual resell, Ryan has got the experience to make your piece of paradise dream come true. If it’s a property to call home, rental investment or a remodel to increase the value for resell, the Hickey Team can help you find your property.
Chrissy was raised in Alberta, Canada eventually settling in Vancouver, British Columbia 12 years ago with her husband Ryan. Chrissy has spent the last 15 years in sales and marketing for major corporations. She excels by utilizing her many skills to overcome any challenge set before her. Year after year her strong work ethic and interpersonal skills have allowed her to be top in sales nationwide.  Chrissy has worked side by side with Ryan in the design, staging, and marketing of their various real estate investments. These many properties have given her the invaluable ability to spot a great property. 
Most importantly she prides herself with strong interpersonal skills, empathy, honesty, and loyalty. Making a purchase in a foreign country is an emotional and life-changing experience. Chrissy and Ryan are here to walk you through the steps to sell your property quickly and for the highest price possible. Buying a property shouldn’t be stressful and their goal is to make this a Pure Vida experience.


Areas Serviced : Tamarindo, Flamingo, Potrero, Playas del Coco

Office Phone : 011 (506) 2654-4010
Tony Monticello Cell : 011 (506) 8648-1728

Melissa Smith Cell: 011 (506) 8424-6072

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Meet Coastal Group

Coastal Group | Commercial | Investment | Luxury Sales

What we do: We assist clients with businesses for sale, leasing commercial property, and investing in the "Gold Coast" of Costa Rica. We specialize in the Flamingo, Tamarindo, Playa Coco and surrounding areas.

Tony Monticello | Team Lead | Broker Associate

With over 2-1/2 decades of real estate investing, engineering, building, and business ownership Tony brings a unique set of skills to the team. With a Civil Engineering / Construction background, coupled with marketing / business ownership and decades of personal real estate investing, Tony keeps buyers out of trouble by having an eye for detail in Civil / Site / Structural matters, while his almost three decades of business ownership and sales, and real estate investing, gives him personal insight and experience that is hard to beat by just another "salesperson."

Melissa Smith | Broker Associate

Melissa began coming to Costa Rica in 2009. It was love at first sight, and so Melissa traveled to and from Costa Rica continuously for 5 years until relocating here permanently in 2014. In doing so, she left her secure Canadian government job of 15 years, grabbed her cat and a suitcase, and never looked back. She is grateful to have made this important life decision, and she is equally grateful to now be able to help others enhance their quality of life by incorporating Costa Rica on either a part-time or full-time basis. Melissa is well versed in commercial and residential real estate in the geographic areas of Langosta, Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Playa Flamingo, and Playa Potrer. For three consecutive years starting in 2015, Melissa was the top-selling agent at Coldwell Banker in Tamarindo. In 2019, she decided to capitalize on her business expertise as an agent and owner of multiple successful businesses here in Costa Rica, and she joined forces with her business partner, Tony Monticello, a seasoned licensed United States and Costa Rica real estate agent with 20+ years of experience. Together, Melissa and Tony grew a successful commercial and residential real estate brokerage known as the Coastal Commercial Group. In 2020, Melissa and Tony sought to merge their brokerage and wealth of experience in real estate with the brokerage and market share leader of KRAIN Luxury Real Estate and NAI KRAIN Costa Rica. Melissa is as an agent in both the residential and commercial departments, and has represented both buyers and sellers in countless transactions. As Melissa states, “Over the years, I have gained so much knowledge of both markets and how they work. I truly enjoy seeing my client’s dreams become a reality and sharing this bit of paradise. I’m a firm believer in mutual trust and respect. I would never allow a client to be led down the wrong road or purchase something that I wouldn’t purchase myself. I remain friends with my clients and past coworkers and that makes me feel accomplished and satisfied. I look forward to many more exciting years here in this industry!”



JESSE LOBB | Broker Associate

Areas Serviced : Playa Potrero | Playa Flamingo | Playa Ocotal

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Office Phone : 011 (506) 2654-4010
US Line: 1-866-994-9163
Cell Phone : 011 (506) 8530-0275

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Meet Jesse Lobb

Jesse began vacationing in Costa Rica in 2008 and quickly fell in love with everything about the country; the people, culture, food, scenery and the endless possibilities for a full life.  In 2014 she checked an item off her bucket list and moved to the Potrero area!

Jesse has over 15 years of experience in managerial roles with family owned & operated business’s and global organizations. She brings a versatile skill set to KRAIN Costa Rica and has an effortless ability to lead teams, provide outstanding customer service and contributes a critical eye to the team.

In 2018 Jesse checked another item off her bucket list and obtained her Real Estate License, with the goal of practicing in Costa Rica to help others fulfil their dreams of living in a tropical atmosphere and a Pura Vida (Pure Life) lifestyle.  In her spare time, she continues to explore Costa Rica and photographs her adventures.  Jesse is dedicated to helping you find your dream home and helping you become part of the Pura Vida community. 

Jesse is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Pennsylvania Association of Realtors (PAR) and Greater Lehigh Valley Realtors (GLVR).  Jesse also holds certifications in TESOL/TEFL (English as a second language) and Level II Reiki.